I want to set up a training day or two at Omega Farms.  We would start at 8:00am and meet at the Sales Barn.  The cost is $10 per dog, $25 for three or more dogs. You will have to sign a waiver if you haven’t already.

There isn’t any structure to this training day.  Those that attend should bring their equipment (wingers, holding blinds, one or two thawed ducks, bucket, gun with poppers) and set-up a finished test on land and water.  The handler will decide how he wants to run the test when he gets to the line (including moving the line) depending on the level of his dog.  In other words, the throwers and the blind stays where they are, the dog moves up to a reasonable distance. This is just my idea, it’s not cast in stone. Feel free to change it as you see fit.

Please answer the poll questions so I can determine how to proceed.  What days are good for you if you intend to attend?  If there isn’t enough interest in our club to hold a training day, should we invite other clubs?

Which days are you free to attend a training day at Omega Farms? Should we invite MI HRC and Central MI HRC club members to join us at our Omega Farms training