On August 2, 2014 we will meet in the main parking lot at Wetzel Park to mow the fields for the Hunt test. Will start at 9:00AM. Members are encouraged to come and help out.

The annual park cleanup will start at 9:00AM. Meet at the end of 27 mile road, west of Werderman Rd. Lunch will be provided for all the volunteers. Dress for the weather. Wear boots and gloves. Wetzel web page: http:/fowsra.org. Since we use the park for training and our fall hunt test it would be nice to have a good club showing. If you need any further information call John Nowakowski at 586-790-3485

There will be a UKC licensed, two day upland hunt test at Hunters Ridge Hunt Club, Saturday March 15, and Sunday March 16, 2014. The club location: 3921 Barber Road, Oxford, Michigan, 48371. There will be a morning and afternoon test starting at 9:00AM. Send advanced entries and payment to: Steve Pittiglio, 32543 Revere, Warren, Michigan, 48092. A copy of the premium can be obtained from the HRC website.

The January meeting will also include Club election and a potluck luncheon. It will be at the Huron Pointe Sporstman Club. It will be on January 19, 2014 and start at 11:30AM. Achievement awards will be passed out. Two positions, Club Secretary and 1 year board member, will be filled at the election.
Contact John Nowakowski with the dish you are bringing. PH 586-790-3485. The Club is located at: 35800 E. Twenty-Eight Mile Road, Lenox, Michigan 48050, PH. 586-749-5420. This is a good time to get together with members and enjoy some good food and companionship.

There will be a club meeting at 9:00AM on August 3, 2013 at Wetzel Park. A walk thru of the park will follow the meeting. This is being done to update the Hunt Test areas. Please try to attend, membership participation is important for a sucessful test.

The club will be at the Huron Pointe Heritage Day program on August 25, 2013. We will be letting the children run a dog on a mark and receive a ribbon. This is a give back to the club for them letting us use the facilities. Please try to attend as the more dogs we have the better this event works out. The Heritage day program is a one day event and runs from 9:oo AM to about 4:00 PM. It is at the Huron Pointe Sportsman Club on 28 mile road. Please contact John Nowakowski for any further details at 586-790-3485. There will be a club meeting at 8:00 AM. This will be the last meeting prior to the fall hunt test. Please try to attend as the club needs as many members as possible to help with the Hunt Test at Wetzel Park on August 31, 2013.

The Fall Hunt Test will be at Wetzel State Park Recreation Area on Ausust 31, 2013. The premium is avaialble on line at the HRC website and Hunt Secretary.com. Wetzel Park is located East of North Avenue, North of 26 Mile Road, between Omo Road and Werderman Road. Registration will be at the end of 27 Mile road at the RCCD flying field. Please check the premium for times and additional information. Set up day is August 30, 2013 at approximately noon. This is a club event, all memberhip help is needed.

The annual park cleanup is Saturday April 20, 2013 from 9:00am-1:00pm. Wetzel State Recreation Area is located east of North Avenue, north of 26 Mile Road, between Omo Road and Werderman Road. Meet at the end of 27 Mile Road, west of Werderman Rd. Check in begins at 9:00am. Check in station will be located at the end of 27 Mile Road at the RCCD flying field. Please bring work gloves, work boots and rain gear if necessary. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. If you need further information contact: Lenox Bowman @ 586-254-2493 or Mike Jennett @ 586-598-8018.

The March meeting will be at the Huron Pointe Sportsman Club.  Sunday March 24, 2013 at 10:30AM.  Weather permitting a training session will follow the meeting.  The club location:  35800 E. Twenty Eight Mile Road, Lenox, Michigan 48050.

There has been interest by members to purchase training birds when the club purchases them for the Hunt Tests.  Anyone interested can contact Steve Pitiglio for information and the next purchase date.

The February meeting will be on February 17, 2013 at the Huron Pointe Sportsman Club. The meeting will start at 10:30 AM. The club is located at 35800 E. Twenty Eight Mile Road, Lenox, Michigan 48050. Phone 586-749-5420. The results of the club election will be posted on our website.


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